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Trees trimming made easy

Trimming large, overgrown trees is no easy task and is best left to the professionals. The experts at Tim's Tree Service are well equipped to do the job quickly and to your specifications.

Your landscaping will look good only as long as the trees are well-maintained. An overgrown tree can ruin the look of your yard and can turn from a beauty to an eye-sore.


Hire us to get the trees in your property back in shape. With routine maintenance, our professionals can maintain a tree's good looks throughout the year.

Keep your landscape looking beautiful

Young trees tend to grow limbs and branches in all

directions and sometimes these can become a hazard.

Unruly branches can cause serious damage if they break

and fall, while others can cause a short circuit by coming

into contact with electric or cables.


You can leave it to our experts to determine which branch can cause trouble and remove it before any damage is caused.

Prevent a potential accident

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